Information regarding rental and management

Finding a long term rental on the Costa Blanca

If you have decided that the Costa Blanca is the place you would like to live then we have a very large selection of villas, townhouses & apartments, both furnished and unfurnished all waiting to be occupied.

Our contracts are for 11 months ( usually renewable) and have a minimum stay of 6 months.

To begin the rental you will need to pay one months rent and one months deposit upfront. ( sometimes 2 months deposit depending on the property).

You will also need to have a valid passport/ photo ID and/or an NIE number and a spanish bank account.

We can hold a property for you for upto 4 weeks once a deposit has been paid, we will not hold any property without a deposit for more than 24 hours. This allows you time to gather funds and arrange transport of your belongings etc…

Renting your property out

When you decide that you want to rent your property out, we are here to provide all the services that you need and take away the stress of having to rent the property out yourself. Every step of the way we are here to make sure your property is at its best and returning a substantial income.

The first step we would take is to discuss with you what you wish to achieve from your property and how much help you want to have from us. We would then view your property and advise you of any way in which you could improve the rental potential.

We will take photographs and create a detail sheet of your property including any information that would interest possible tenants, this would be displayed in our shop windows and copies will be available for people to take home and browse at their leisure, we would also dedicate a page of our website to advertising your property, allowing people all over the world to view it , we pay to advertise many of our properties on various property websites ensuring that our properties can be seen by a worldwide audience who have not happened to find our specific website and we even advertise some of our properties in the local newspapers and on tv. We have found all of these advertising methods very successful as they reach a wide range of people.

We charge one months rent (the first month) as our commission.

Properties being put out on a long let can be furnished, unfurnished or partly furnished, some prospective tenants already have furniture etc and do not require a furnished property whereas others will only have their clothing and small personal belongings. So whether your property is furnished or not it will be suitable for somebody.

When the property is let the water and electric bills will be transferred into the tenants bank details so that they are paying for what they use

When the property is let we will make sure a deposit is taken and contracts are signed, we will also make sure there are no problems and your tenant settles in ok. We offer a full property management package for all of your needs.

A new Spanish law came into place June 2013, that requires all property being advertised for rent of for sale must now hold a CEE, energy certificate. This last for 10 years, and does not need to be changed for each tenant. The CEE is banded from A - G. Your property cannot fail, but all prospective tenants must be allowed to view this document.

Never forget that renting your property in spain is a business and should be treated as such. The better your property is marketed and managed, the more money you are likely to return. And although using a friend or neighbour to manage your property may seem slightly cheaper, it may not be maintained as well as a fully legal spanish management company would. We are here to advise you and to help you get the most out of your property.


Annual management package

We understand that when you leave your property, whether a simple studio or luxury villa, you will always worry about what is going on whilst you are no physically able to see if all is okay. That is why we offer this service, for you peace of mind. We can and will on your behalf, visit your property and make sure all is as it should be. We will report any problem we think need attention, as soon as we see them. Our service includes the following.

  • Exterior property checks including gardens and pools, outbuildings.
  • Interior property checks including all locks and grills.
  • Weather damage checks after severe storms and rainfall.
  • Insect and vermin check
  • Electric, water and gas still connected.
  • Plumbing check, run all taps, and flush all W.C`s.
  • Air property, when closed up for long time.
  • Inventory check, when tenants leaving.
  • Key holding
  • Collect post, deal with anything important.
  • Inform you of your Suma tax if received at property.
  • Organize repairs that may be required.
  • Liaise with builders, insurance companies etc.
  • Keep you up to date on anything that may be happening in the area, that you may need to know about.
  • If your property is rented, receive the rent on your behalf.
  • Chase tenants if payment is not made.
  • Set up utility company direct debits.
  • Deal with tenants on your behalf.
  • Property financial statement
  • Photos of property if requested.

We have many investors who never see their property at all, and just want be reassured all is okay, and money is coming in regularly. The management package is invaluable to them. Other owners who only use their property for a few weeks a year and leave it sat empty, feel the same.

We feel we have covered most of your requirements above, but if there is a specific item or need please contact us, and if we can include this we will let you know.

Some properties are very special and need appropriate care, so please ask.

Our annual package is 350€ per year.

We also offer services such as cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance etc.. and can arrange tradesmen for installations and repairs at your property.